Doing our small part for the world

We think that everyone should do their part for the world. We do our part by helping the world turn. The small parts we make keep machines around the world moving. For more than 40 years, we have manufactured components for agricultural machines, forest harvesters, ships, papermaking machines and door systems out of different metal and plastic materials. Components made by us are used in almost every area of industry.

Our work for a functional world continues in our modern CNC machinery around the year.


We specialise in the production of large series but can also produce smaller series and make prototypes. Reliability and efficiency are at the core of our services. We always do what is promised and guarantee a competitive price-quality ratio. We adhere to the promised delivery times and respect our customers’ work, wishes and needs. We are an adaptable, resourceful and responsible partner for our customers. Our operations also acknowledge environmental matters, and we continuously want to develop in this area. These basic principles also apply to our supply chains.

Component manufacturing and assembly

Our product selection covers hundreds of different components. Rotating parts such as shafts, bushings, pins, spindles and valves are some of the typical products we manufacture. Modern multiaxis turning lathes make it possible to make also very complex parts.

Call-out and storing service

We can also offer a storing service where you can conveniently order products using the call-out service to support our efficient subcontractor machining.

Product development

We strive for fluent and open dialogue with our customers and to develop their existing products further to make them even better. Together we can even come up with new innovations.

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High-quality machines combined with numerous years of experience and innovation guarantee that we can manufacture high-quality products that fulfil all modern requirements within the agreed timeframe.

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Sun Sauna Oy

One of our products is a fibre optic light that we use for our sauna solutions. Kivi Oy has manufactured and delivered us the metal frame required for the projector tube of the fibre optic light. The service has been reliable and of a high quality, even during challenging times.

Kivi Oy is a reliable and fast supply partner. We have also done product development together with Kivi Oy, meaning that our company has been able to further develop our existing products. The product development has been fast from the designing stage to production.

Jarkko Salmi, Sun Sauna Oy

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Agco Power

Kivi Oy manufactures connectors, screws and other components for our diesel engines. Cooperation with the company has been excellent. They are always open for new suggestions and very cooperative. We always receive a quick reply from the company and it is possible to implement changes, such as order increases and decreases, even on a fast schedule.

Kivi Oy is able to look at the matter in question from the customer’s point of view!

Tarja Marlisto, Agco Power

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Nammo Lapua Oy

Since 2012, Kivi Oy has manufactured several different components for usfrom materials such as aluminium and steel. We needed to find a turning shop close by with experience and skills in tasks that require precision. The first test series that Kivi Oy manufactured for us was a difficult component that companies we had previously used were often not directly able to manufacture with the required measurements. We were surprised to find out that the series manufactured by Kivi Oy was immediately of prime quality, which encouraged us to begin cooperation with the company.

Our cooperation has been excellent in terms of timely and correct deliveries and the quality of components. The company has been extremely flexible and delivered our orders in no time. They have really put in the effort to fulfil even our most demanding needs.

Kivi Oy has also arranged the required treatments of components, such as anodising and similar treatments, by using their excellent know-how and networks.

Tomi Kuula, Nammo Lapua Oy Vihtavuori

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