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High-quality and flexible turning service with excellent customer service.

We specialise in the production of large series but can also produce smaller series and make prototypes

Our company mainly specialises in large serial productions, but we also manufacture smaller series, such as prototypes for our customers.

We offer a reliable and competitive price-quality ratio. Our processes are flexible and agile and we guarantee a quick and effortless service for our customers. In addition to turning and grinding services, we solve our customers’ problems quickly and help them with different kinds of issues related to components.

The most usual work stages include CNC turning, centerless and surface grinding and assembly. We utilise our reliable and professional cooperation partners for the required heat and surface treatments.

Kivi Oy is a subcontractor company that primarily focuses on serial productions instead of single components.

Hundreds of different components, reliable delivery using a call-out system

We provide our customers with hundreds of different components in line with their specific needs. Rotating parts, such as shafts, bushings, pins, spindles and valves are some of the typical products we manufacture. Modern multiaxis turning lathes make it possible to make complex parts. In addition to manufacturing components, we can provide small assemblies.

To support our efficient subcontractor machining, we can also offer a storing service where you can conveniently order products using the call-out service.

Added value with product development

We are happy to help our customers with product development so that their products become even better and more functional. We do not have our own design service but have the required expertise to provide technical support related to materials as well as heat and surface treatments since the products’ prototype stage.

We always seek to create cost savings for both parties while guaranteeing product quality in the long run.

Management system sertification

Operating system

All functions, products and services of our company have been attached to a quality and environmental management system. We have a secure supply chain consisting of responsible suppliers only.

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